There are hundreds of restaurants in Cancun. Anything from a fast food restaurant such as McDonalds to a gourmet specialty place such as Maxim's are available for you eating pleasure. Most of the hotels have several restaurants serving international food. Believe us when we say that the food will not be a problem. It is important though, that you know what you are eating, thus if you are in a restaurant and you order the "day's special" make sure is something you would eat and not something out of the FEAR FACTOR TV show!

Mexican food is spicy but, most of the food serve at the restaurants where you will be eating is prepared with you in mind. This means it will be tasteful and will not clear up your sinuses.

By the way, YES you can drink the water in Mexico. The water is 100% purified in the hotel zone and if you go to downtown, just make sure you order a bottle of water instead of iced water. The Moctezuma's Revenge myth has more to do with the amount of tequila you drink than the water you drink or the food you eat.
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