The best known area of Cancun is the Hotel Zone. Here is where all the hotels, restaurants, bar, shopping malls, marinas, golf courses, entertainment venues, etc. are located. Actually the hotel zone is an island connected to the main land by a bridge on each end. This island is in the form of the number 7. The top of the number seven is what is known as the bay side and the longest vertical side of the seven is what is called as the open ocean side. The hotel zone is about 16 miles long and 1/2 mile wide.

Of course, this is the most touristy area of Cancun and perhaps the area where you will fill most comfortable. Walking, jogging, exercising, etc. is permitted all along the hotel zone and it is very safe. There are sidewalks up and down the street and also a pathway where you can walk of ride a bicycle if you wish.

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