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Is the water in Cancun purified?
Yes, the water in Cancun is purified, but if you want to be more cautious, you can ask for bottle water when you go to restaurants and bars.

What is the Moctezuma's Revenge?
Other names for the Moctezuma's Revenge are, the runs, the screaming jimmies or plain simple diarrhea! You can get the Moctezuma's Revenge from eating something you never ate before like really hot salsa of from the number one reason... too much tequila!

Do people speak other languages in Cancun?
Yes. Most of the people working in tourism in Cancun speak at least one other language. English is widely use and French, Portuguese, Italian and German are pretty common too.

What is the exchange rate?
The exchange rate changes everyday. In an open economy such as Mexico's the exchange rate is set according to the supply and demand. If you want to know what is the exchange rate today click here to go to our exchange rate calculator.

How come you don't offer hotels reservations?
Many people that experienced our services in Cancun have requested that we go into the Hotel Reservation market. We are planning to do so but not anytime soon. We rather continue providing you with the best tours available in Cancun.

Where do you get your hotel's reviews?
Our hotels reviews come from several associations and organizations in Cancun. They are totally non-bias and with the only intend to inform you about any particular hotel. CancunFunTours.com does not promote nor slam any hotel, tour operator, restaurant or any legit company doing business in Cancun. Our commitment is to you the visitor.

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