One of the most beautiful areas of Cancun is by far the downtown area. Here you get the see the typical Mexican architecture mixed with the new look of a top world resort. Needless to say, in downtown is where you find the best flea markets, stores and shops where you can get some of the most unique souvenirs and Mexican art crafts. Also in downtown you can visit a park where locals gather every Sunday to relax and meet with friends after church.

If you want to eat authentic Mexican food, then you must go to downtown Cancun, there you will find the restaurants where locals eat and party. Also, don't forget to stop by the liquor store where you will find some of the best tequila of Mexico. All of these is only available in downtown. It is quite easy to get to downtown.

You can take a bus from your hotel or a taxi to Tulum Avenue which is the main avenue. Tulum avenue is about 20 blocks long and easily you can spend a day window shopping and eating.
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