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Captain Hook

Captain Hook

  • LOCATION: Cancun
  • DURATION: 3 and a half hours


      Lots of fun you will get in this cruise!

Once onboard the Capitan Hook you will be part of an unforgettable pirate evening. Staff and crew are fully outfitted in pirate costumes and cannons are fired on arrival and departure.

An indoor salon is perfect for romantic dinning with a spacious outer deck and upstairs area providing the ideal setting to view beautiful Cancun or enjoy lively dancing al fresco.

Following a delicious buffet, and while the host pirate Captain Hook is entertaining the group with tales and illustrations of past pirates escapades, unbeknown to him another pirate ship is slowly approaching from the rear. Cloaked in total darkness, the sister ship the Black Pearl, silently glides across the water pulling alongside El Bucanero II.

Suddenly Captain Hook discovers the ship and shouts for his men to take position. The cannons are readied for attack. Pirates armed with swords and pistols, jump from the masts landing on the deck where a sword fight ensues between our crew and the other pirates, the attack is enhanced with sound and light effects.


  • Departure daily from the marina at 7:00 pm.
  • Return to the marina around 10:45 pm .


  • Open Bar.
  • Buffet dinner.
  • Pirate show on board .
  • Fun games .
  • Lots of fun .


  • We suggest bringing comfortable shoes and clothes, and a light sweater for the return boat ride as it can get fresh. Also please avoid using high-heeled shoes, as you’ll be dancing and playing games.
  • A $8.00 USD Dock Fee must be paid at check in.


  • Become a pirate.
  • Great Dinner.
  • party on the Caribbean sea.